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May. 30th, 2011

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Random Facts

James Murdoch...

  • is not very fond of the name James
  • is something of an adrenaline junkie
  • has an awful lot of gall/audacity
  • is dangerously near to being overconfident
  • is a fan of the darker things in life
  • is ambidextrous
  • sees the benefit in certain lupine-vampire alliances
  • possesses very little patience
  • is fiercely loyal to his pack (and other allies)
  • has a 'lit fuse' temper
  • is intelligent in his own way, but not overly 'book smart'
  • is an anti-hero... on his good days
  • would likely be chaotic neutral on the edge of neutral evil
  • is trigger-happy
  • sees morality in shades of grey, in spite of his heritage
  • dislikes most cats, but is secretly fond of his best friend's pet
  • might be in love with his best friend
  • doesn't think he has any clue what love is or means
  • doesn't hand out trust easily
  • loves coconut and beef, but never combined
  • has a slightly more lupine than human mentality
  • loves being the only dark-furred wolf among his pack
  • is known for his vibrant eyes and tendency toward growling
  • has violent tendencies
  • views humans as lesser creatures thus sometimes patronizes human allies/friends

Dec. 18th, 2010

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Random Facts

  • is addicted to beef jerky.
  • has a short temper.
  • is fiercely loyal.
  • is known for his 'half-smirk' and devilish glare.
  • loves having a name so provocative among other garou.
  • has his own brand of humour.
  • has preternaturally acute hearing.
  • is a romantic at heart, but rarely lets it show.
  • transforms into a wolf on the full moon, yet retains self control.
  • is a carnivore by flaw of wolfish genetics and needs meat to survive.
  • still wears the ring, six years after his wife's death.
  • strives to maintain an air of strength, no matter what.
  • places those he cares about above himself.
  • isn't the type to sit on the sidelines when more useful in action.
  • has a mentality somewhere between a human's and a wolf's.
  • throws darts to relieve stress or help channel his thoughts.
  • tends to be openly philosophical when drunk.

Dec. 17th, 2010

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Random Facts

  • is left handed.
  • is ambidextrous with firearms, but still favors the left.
  • hates when his name is mispronounced.
  • is a smoker.
  • has always wondered what it's like to sleep with a Companion.
  • figures illegal business is only rarely worth the gorram headache.
  • can't wrap his mind around the concept of travel between worlds realities.
  • has very basic flight skills.
  • believes that a well-planned attack is better than running in with guns blazing.