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Jul. 25th, 2011

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Quirks of Genetics

  • Natural Channel - For Erin, the gauntlet between spirit and physical worlds is thinner than it is for most others. Spirits take more kindly to her, and she finds it less difficult to 'step sideways' (or cross over) than the typical garou.

  • Possession Proof - Banes (evil spirits) simply cannot possess Erin. This acts much as if she had set up wards against possession, and the spirits instinctively know not to even waste the effort. Should one try anyway, however, bad things would likely happen to it. Being immune to Bane possession also translates to immunity against demonic or other forms of possession (in cross-over situations).

  • Banned Transformation - Erin cannot change forms when in the immediate presence of silver, except if returning to her breed form (homid/human).

Jul. 19th, 2011

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Preternatural Abilities

Homid (Breed) Gifts
  • Rank One
    • Dead-Eye - significantly reduces the difficulty of any aim involving a projectile or missile weapon; must be intentionally invoked, and does not guarantee success

    • Persuasion - adds a certain amount of believability to lies, convincingness to arguments, and so forth
  • Rank Two
    • Jam Technology - temporarily makes technological devices malfunction when invoked (does not cause permanent damage)

    • Speech of the World - ability to speak and understand any human language, albeit not with a native accent

    • Unnatural Camouflage - can easily merge with surrounding humans, appearing as 'one of the crowd' and seemingly wearing the same clothes/having the same general appearance; illusion drops once actual interaction occurs (regardless of who initiates)

Ragabash (Auspice) Gifts
  • Rank One
    • Blur of the Milky Eye - ability to move undetected by appearing as a shimmering blur; if noticed, will remain properly visible until viewer diverts attention

    • Open Seal - can open any locked or sealed device

    • Scent of Running Water - innate masking of scent, so as to make tracking her nearly impossible or very difficult (depending on skills of tracker); highly unlikely for anyone not intentionally tracking to come across her scent trail

    • Trailblazer - easy navigation of any terrain, from thick woods to crowded cities (etc.) regardless of how labyrinthine; also allows for finding the fastest and/or shortest routes from one point to another
  • Rank Two
    • Blissful Ignorance - ability to become completely invisible to all senses, monitoring equipment, and even spirits by standing still; negated with movement, with a risk of being caught by someone deliberately searching for her

    • Obscure the Truth - when this gift is called upon, even the most ridiculous lies (such as claiming the sky is green) may be said with calm sincerity and a straight face capable of making (nearly) anyone believe the falsehoods; not completely infallible but very convincing due to the air of sincerity and an edge of persuasion; best used sparingly, due to the spiritual exertion required

    • Sticky Fingers - ability to coat fingers with a sticky, silvery substance which will adhere to anything; allows for climbing vertical surfaces such as walls or stealing reasonably-sized items such as credit cards or keys

Fianna (Tribe) Gifts
  • Rank One
    • Faerie Light - creates a wisp of ghostly light either white, green, or pale blue in color; the glow can exist anywhere within line of sight and may be used to make eyes flash or glow with unnatural green or blue; the light may even float slowly, if so desired, as long as it remains within line of sight; cannot illuminate more than three feet radius at a time

    • Primal Song - innate ability to accurately and completely know any song or dance just from hearing or seeing a small portion (such as a few hummed bars of a song or a couple of dance moves); also aids in getting a feel for the particular style so as to create new pieces, but does not create skill or talent (so the singing, songwriting, or dance creation could be style-appropriate yet completely horrible like most songs with auto-tune)

    • Resist Toxin - immunity to any poisons and diseases; ability to heal damage caused by many Wyrn toxins
  • Rank Two
    • Brew - mystically transforms a chosen pitcher of any liquid substance into an alcoholic beverage, the quality of which varies depending on level of success; useful for inebriating unsuspecting targets

    • Ceridwen's Blood - ability to channel the life force within her blood for the healing of an ally; must spill her own blood in the process (a small cut suffices); she will suffer the damages healed, except in the case of severe (aggravated) damage which only inflicts her with lesser wounds yet leaves her significantly weakened until sustaining adequate rest and healing

    • Glib Tongue - when invoked, makes whatever she says (even if it's pure gibberish) sound like whatever the target(s) wish to hear; she has no clue what they're hearing, unless they give adequate clues or outright repeat what was heard; can backfire horrifically, depending upon what the target truly wishes to hear in order to be appeased

Jul. 18th, 2011

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