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Feb. 12th, 2011

houndsofhell: (Caine Riordan // Dane Cook)

Caine Riordan

It's a dog's life. )

Dec. 18th, 2010

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Random Facts

  • is addicted to beef jerky.
  • has a short temper.
  • is fiercely loyal.
  • is known for his 'half-smirk' and devilish glare.
  • loves having a name so provocative among other garou.
  • has his own brand of humour.
  • has preternaturally acute hearing.
  • is a romantic at heart, but rarely lets it show.
  • transforms into a wolf on the full moon, yet retains self control.
  • is a carnivore by flaw of wolfish genetics and needs meat to survive.
  • still wears the ring, six years after his wife's death.
  • strives to maintain an air of strength, no matter what.
  • places those he cares about above himself.
  • isn't the type to sit on the sidelines when more useful in action.
  • has a mentality somewhere between a human's and a wolf's.
  • throws darts to relieve stress or help channel his thoughts.
  • tends to be openly philosophical when drunk.

Oct. 1st, 2010

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Caine is a man of natural and supernatural strength, a formidable foe in nearly every sense. Because of this, much care had to be taken by the Alliance to keep him under control. He was drugged to an extent that he barely felt alive at times... and, at others, felt as if he'd become a mere human. Though it fueled his anger and cemented his newfound dedication toward helping to destroy the Alliance (or at least bring an end to their abduction and experimentation), this also left him incapable of fighting back or enacting some grand scheme of revenge.

He doesn't quite know what they did to him or which 'memories' are nothing more than nightmares, but whatever turned him into a pyrokinetic also scarred his spirit... in a very literal sense. Given that garou are nearly half-spirit and Caine had a strong tie with his spiritual side, the repercussions have proven hard-hitting and frustrating. What's worse: being out of his element and having his natural powers suppressed for so long while in the compound only exacerbated the matter.

Caine can no longer enter the Umbra (spirit world), but has brief and infrequent flashes of perception that mirror the Penumbra, showing people and things in terms of their spiritual nature. He has also found that certain gifts are more difficult to harness than normal... while others are impossible all together. Perhaps unsurprisingly, those which prove the most trouble are also those which make him the strongest. Even his natural defenses have yet to fully recover, leaving his healing ability severely weakened and making him capable of dying by means other than silver or attack by a supernatural creature.

Undamaged Gifts
(Mostly, these are the gifts which are always in effect. The rest are the few which didn't sustain damage; they'll work as usual.)
  • Master of Fire - ability to heal from fire damage at the same rate as the sort of injuries incurred through hand-to-hand combat

  • Persuasion - adds a certain amount of believability to lies, convincingness to arguments, and so forth

  • Speech of the World - ability to speak and understand any human language, albeit not with a native accent

  • Tongues - ability to read or write any human language regardless of age and obscurity (difficulty rises according to obscurity)

  • Razor Claws - can strike claws against a hard surface to make them razor-sharp

  • Resist Pain - ability to ignore pain and keep pushing until the body surrenders (should injuries be so severe)

Weakened Gifts
(These gifts can be called upon normally, but only in a limited state. Limitations are presented in italics.)
  • Jam Technology - temporarily makes technological devices malfunction when invoked (does not cause permanent damage); works on small devices such as communicators and computers but not on ships or other large equipment

  • Beast Speech - ability to speak to animals (does not change their natural instincts/reactions); only works on canines and close cousins thereof

  • Eye of the Cobra - aids in the power of persuasion with eye contact, potentially helping to lure (or at least tempt) someone to become an ally; only applicable to those who aren't enemies or who are uncertain about their loyalty

  • Veil of the Mother - ability to temporarily alter his appearance or that of any willing participant; cannot change gender but can change general aesthetics as well as height (up to six inches) and weight (up to 30 pounds); when veiling someone else, he must remain near to them and retain at least slight concentration on the task (if he's attacked, for example, the guise would drop)

  • Venom Blood - at will, his blood can be turned into a viscous, black substance which causes harm to all others who come into contact with it; only available in homid (human) form and causes significant pain

Severely Weakened Gifts
(The use of these would require great effort and could very well result in physical harm. He can sense that something isn't right before drawing upon the gift's use, but may be in a dire enough situation to take the great risk. Bad things will ensue if he does.)
  • Mantle of the Land - ability to create a concealing cover of mist from water in the atmosphere; due to the denseness of the fog, those within it have difficulty seeing and hear sounds as muffled

  • Alberich's Claws - ability to easily slice through any inanimate material (such as stone, steel, or glass) with claws; the ability remains, but it's not quite as easy as before

  • Song of Rage - ability to unleash the beast within the target, most likely to spur a fight

Full list of abilities behind cut for reference purposes. )