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May. 30th, 2011

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Random Facts

James Murdoch...

  • is not very fond of the name James
  • is something of an adrenaline junkie
  • has an awful lot of gall/audacity
  • is dangerously near to being overconfident
  • is a fan of the darker things in life
  • is ambidextrous
  • sees the benefit in certain lupine-vampire alliances
  • possesses very little patience
  • is fiercely loyal to his pack (and other allies)
  • has a 'lit fuse' temper
  • is intelligent in his own way, but not overly 'book smart'
  • is an anti-hero... on his good days
  • would likely be chaotic neutral on the edge of neutral evil
  • is trigger-happy
  • sees morality in shades of grey, in spite of his heritage
  • dislikes most cats, but is secretly fond of his best friend's pet
  • might be in love with his best friend
  • doesn't think he has any clue what love is or means
  • doesn't hand out trust easily
  • loves coconut and beef, but never combined
  • has a slightly more lupine than human mentality
  • loves being the only dark-furred wolf among his pack
  • is known for his vibrant eyes and tendency toward growling
  • has violent tendencies
  • views humans as lesser creatures thus sometimes patronizes human allies/friends

May. 29th, 2011

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Quirks of Genetics

  • Mixed Morph - Murdoch can transform any portion(s) of his body without completely changing forms. Due to much practice (and situational abuse) of this ability, it's nearly seamless and sometimes even happens on instinct alone. When attempting to intimidate someone else, he also has a habit of calling upon his lupus form's eyes for a few seconds - just to make the other person question their sanity or fear him (he doesn't care which).

  • Tribe Flaw - All Fenrir have some sort of prejudice. For Muds, it manifests in the form of a vehement intolerance for weakness, often to the point of coming across as a jerk or instigating conflict when he just means to show others how strong they truly are. (Although sometimes he's just keen on punishing someone for being too weak.) As far as he sees it, those who need sparing really don't deserve it. Because of this, he's particularly hard on himself as well.

  • Silver Issues - In addition to the expected negative reaction to silver, contact with it causes permanent scarring and could, in smaller quantities than necessary against other garou, kill him - regardless of what form he's taken. When in the presence of silver, due to his ability to sense it, there's a certain sense of uneasiness which might just tip off someone superstitious enough to put the two circumstances together.
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Preternatural Abilities

Homid (Breed) Gifts
  • Rank One

    • Master of Fire - ability to heal from fire damage at the same rate as the sort of injuries incurred through hand-to-hand combat

    • Persuasion - adds a certain amount of believability to lies, convincingness to arguments, and so forth

  • Rank Two

    • Speech of the World - ability to speak and understand any human language, albeit not with a native accent

    • Staredown - increased likelihood of causing those intimidated via a stern stare to flee in terror

    • Unnatural Camouflage - can easily merge with surrounding humans, appearing as 'one of the crowd' and seemingly wearing the same clothes/having the same general appearance; illusion drops once actual interaction occurs (regardless of who initiates)

Ahroun (Auspice) Gifts
  • Rank One

    • Razor Claws - can strike claws against a hard surface to make them razor-sharp

    • Spur Claws - can stick claws into an opponent, secreting a non-lethal (but weakening) poison until removal; takes a minute or two to regenerate

    • Inspiration - ability to spark resolve or righteous anger within allies; works to a lesser degree on himself

  • Rank Two

    • Foetracker - ability to lock onto the scent of a target and accurate trail them regardless of attempts to mask or confuse the trail; becomes weaker over time and with distance

    • Gift of the Salamander - essentially an immunity to the damage caused by fire, flame, and/or smoke

    • Sense Silver - self-explanatory

    • Strength of the Pack - can give any chosen amount of his own strength to one or more pack members for a temporary amount of time

Get of Fenris (Tribe) Gifts
  • Rank One

    • Resist Pain - ability to ignore pain and keep pushing until the body surrenders (should injuries be so severe)

    • Battlesense - ability to sense number and location of enemies and determine best direction to focus an attack

    • Visage of Fenris - ability to look larger and more intimidating than usual

  • Rank Two

    • Shards of Icy Rage - can literally transform the power of rage into physical ice initially as strong and as sharp as a knife/blade

    • Wearing the Bear Shirt - never runs from a fight after pushed to the point of frenzy