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Jan. 20th, 2015

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Survival - ability to detect the presence of nearby, weaker enemies; resistant to low-level nature based magic

Master Herbalism - vast knowledge of herbs; allows creation of powerful potions, poultices, and salves

Expert Combat Training - practice through experience makes perfect-- or something like that; allows for spells to be cast uninterrupted even while taking damage from enemy attacks

Improved Combat Tactics - ability to analyze the battlefield more astutely, better determining which attacks or spells are most useful at any given time

Improved Clarity - increased mana available as a result of being able to sleep soundly


Staff Focus - specialization in direct attacks with a mage staff; extra damage dealt by basic attacks

Arcane Mastery - keen familiarity with the arcane arts; increased spellpower

Fade Shield - alteration of Arcane Shield; when the shield is active, mage steps partway into the Fade, resisting hostile spells and evading physical attacks

Aura of Might - advanced prowess with Combat Magic; stronger attack, defense, and damage while Combat Magic is active


Arcane Shield - protective sheath of energy; diverts incoming attacks and aids general defense (see passive: Fade Shield)

Repulsion Field - emanates waves of repulsive energy, knocking back all but the strongest enemies; consumes mana on each successful knockback

Cleansing Aura - emanates waves of healing and cleansing energy; restores health to all nearby allies every few seconds and cures injuries of allies within reach

Combat Magic - channels magic inward, causing easier fatigue but transferring spellpower into raw strength and attack power; while inactive, still allows use of heavier weapons and armor

Frost Weapons - enchants allies' weapons with frost; causes cold damage from melee attacks dealt by affected weapons

Spell Wisp - summons a wisp that grants a small bonus to spellpower

MIasma - caster radiates an aura of weakness; aids in making enemies underestimate and use insufficient attacks against the caster


Arcane Bolt - cast a sphere of magical energy at the enemy; moderate damage

Group Heal - bathes allies in benevolent energy; moderate healing for all party members

Revival - revives an unconscious party member, restoring some health

Lifeward - places protective warding on an ally; automatically restores health when they fall close to death (consumes significant amount of mana from the caster)

Winter's Grasp - envelops target in frost; freezes weaker enemies and slows others

Cone of Cold - releases a blast of frost from the caster's hands; targets are either frozen solid (and vulnerable to shattering) or slowed

Blizzard - creates an ice storm in the chosen area; slows movement and increases chance of freezing solid or falling for all in the blizzard

Heal - causes flesh to knit miraculously, moderately healing chosen ally

Rejuvenate - channels regenerative energy to chosen ally; grants a short term boost to mana or stamina regeneration

Regeneration - infuses an ally with beneficial energy; chosen ally's healing is greatly accelerated for a short time

Mass Rejuvenation - channels a stream of rejuvenating energy to all party members; significantly increases mana and stamina regeneration for a short duration

Heroic Offense - enhanes an ally's aptitude in battle; increases attack strength and effectiveness

Heroic Aura - sheathes an ally in a protective aura; completely shrugs off most missile attacks for a moderate duration

Walking Bomb - magically injects enemy with corrosive poison; inflicts continuous nature damage and causes the target to explode should hey die from the poison, damaging others in the area

Mind Blast - projects a telekinetic wave of power; stuns enemies caught within the sphere of energy

Weakness - drains the target of energy; causes weakened attack and defense as well as slowing weaker targets

Paralyze - saps the target's energy away; paralyzes weaker targets and slows others

Mass Paralysis - paralyzes all nearby hostile targets; those strong enough to resist are slowed rather than paralyzed

Vulnerability Hex - hexes target with elemental vulnerability; cold, electric, fire, nature, and spirit attacks beome more effective against the target

Disorient - engages subtle mental manipulation, disorienting the target and making them less effective in battle

Horror - overwhelms the target's mind with terror; some targets are so strongly affected they might cower in fear, unable to move while others are distracted by the nightmarish thoughts forced upon them

Sleep - most hostile targets in the area fall asleep; any affected targets will awaken if attacked, and those of stronger will will only become sleepy; when combined with horror, creates a terrifying mental hell for the target

Drain Life - creates a sinister bond with the target, draining its life energy in order to heal the caster
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Testing Dragon Age Ability Sheet )

Jan. 19th, 2015

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Skills & Spells

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