houndsofhell: (Jensen Zebra)
houndsofhell ([personal profile] houndsofhell) wrote2017-03-08 12:36 am

Simpler DW Profile Code

Still needs photoshop, but with way less effort than the prettier one.

Take profile image and resize to width of 500px. Sharpen adequately.
Increase canvas relatively by 12px, fill a transparent layer with inner colour.
Increase canvas relatively by 16px, fill a transparent layer with outer colour.
Save and upload somewhere.

This is an RPG journal. The person this journal represents is not a real person, and the player of this character is not Jensen Ackles or an affiliate thereof. No real-life affiliation or ownership is claimed to Supernatural or any associated rights holders.

journal layout from chestnutgallery
mood theme by zeskimo
player and character are 18+

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