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Using "Is This It?" by ~tessisamess on DW {customized}

Since I've decided to use this lovely layout by [insanejournal.com profile] tessisamess as my default RP journal theme on dreamwidth, I've made myself a little guide to installing the version I customized. This is for my personal use, but left unlocked so that I can refer to it while logged into new journals and such.

Installing Complete Style from IJ
  • Go to Your Layers.
  • Under create top-level layer, select type: layout and version: 1 then choose create.
  • Click Edit next to the newly-created layer.
  • Delete what appears in the editor and replace it with the following (Complete Style from insanejournal, fixed to support reading pages):
  • Click Save & Compile, at the very top.
  • Wait a moment for it to finish, then click Back to layers list beside it.
  • Go to Customize and choose Your Custom Layers. Select Apply Theme under the one labelled Complete Style
  • Go to Customize Your Theme and fill out according to the guide below.

  • Mood Theme: one of the bunnies usually looks nice; use on reading page
  • Navigation Strip: irrelevant, as this theme disables it

  • choose 10 entries per page for both
  • Two Column (Sidebar on Left)

Text: Navigation
  • Entries
  • Archive
  • Reading
  • Profile

Text: Entry
  • Comment
  • 1 // #
  • Comment
  • 1 // #

Text: Options
  • Edit
  • Tag
  • +
  • Track
  • Untrack
  • No Subject

Sticky Note
  • Make the sticky note's title the blog title desired.
  • Edit the following as relevant to the muse.

Custom Sidebar Module
  • This is the sidebar image and translucent text; edit appropriately.

Second Custom Sidebar Module
  • This is the blurb at the sidebar's bottom; edit appropriately.

Credit Link
  • Person to credit if you have an individually created layout
  • URL to link the credit to

Sidebars & Links List
  • STOP! Do not touch. Walk away. Leave as default. Do not even pass go!

Custom CSS
  • For Custom external stylesheet URL , put the following. It installs the fonts for this layout.
  • For Custom Stylesheet, copy and paste the following.

If Using on IJ
    Since I like this layout enough, I might use it for insanejournal as well.
  • Should I do so, the last bit of coding, /* ICON REPLACEMENTS */, needs to be swapped out with the following
  • And userpics need to be enabled by finding and changing:

Instructions from Original Version
→#000 to change the sidebar background.
→#111 to change the page background.
→#222 to change link colors.
→#555 to change entry/sticky header titles.
→#666 to change sidebar font color.
→#777 to change page font color.
→#999 to change entry date color.
→#ccc to change image and entry link borders.
→#eee to change entries background.
→#fbfbfb to change entry link background.
→#fff to change font color on gif overlay and userpic border.
→0, 0, 0 to change DARK border fade color.
→255, 255, 255 to change LIGHT border fade color.

→Biryani to change the sidebar title font.
→Oswald to change the entry title font.
→HELVETICA,SANS-SERIF to change the bulk font.
http://i.imgur.com/aEzXOrg.png to change the background pattern.