houndsofhell: (Jensen Zebra)
houndsofhell ([personal profile] houndsofhell) wrote2026-02-16 05:36 am

Hello, Friend...

It would seem you've stumbled upon the hot mess that is my character development backup. Though I rather regret making a mess of such a lovely username - which happened to be my username on 8tracks as well, before they imposed draconian weekly listening limits - I will eventually do a bit more with this journal. Or, at the very least, I hope to organize it a bit before leaving it as a dumping grounds for posts.

Now, if only dreamwidth importing actually updated posts that have been edited since original import... I have my hopes it'll happen someday, given how reliable the site's staff are with technical issues. Fingers crossed it'll be sometime before insanejournal kicks the bucket.

Pardon the broken layout. I still need to update it to work right on DW!